Friday, December 10, 2010

Candles and Oxygen

In addition to any fire turns living creatures need oxygen
through these exciting games or we can prove that the fire needs air.

Materials and tools:
1. candles,
2. plates,
3. glasses,
4. matches,
5. dyes.
6. estimated cost of $ 12.5


1. First you turn on a candle and place on plate, then take the glass and close the wax using the glass
2. See what happens .. yes ... the candle outages.
3. To enliven the atmosphere if done in class before the candles on the lid invite students to do hipoitesa with questions.

After the experiment above, we proceed with the following experiment in which we can prove that there really air out when the candle of life.
Still with candles and dishes before, the input of water into the dish, give it a little dye to facilitate observation. Turn on the candle, and then do the same experiment with the above, observe what happens .... and ... .... water is sucked into a glass dish.

Rising water in a glass to prove that that air is lost because it is used in the combustion process so that the empty space is replaced by water.